28 – 30 July: Blind Tape Quartets

Three days in a row,on thursday, friday and saturday, from 18.00 onwards, musicians and non – musicians are invited to join the Blind Tape Quartets.

Let’s explain this step by step.

Blind Tapes is the label of Luka Ivanovic ( aka Lukatoyboy). Blind Tape Quartets is a series of releases on this label.

The name is Blind Tape Quartets because a four track recorder is used to prepare the master tape.

Four tracks for four artists who will be united on this tape. Four artists who don’t know what will be on the other track. Four artists who will record their music onto the recorder as if they are playing in a quartet.

The four track recorder will be set up in the basement of Staalplaat store.

Any one who has a device, an instrument, an object, an idea, a voice can come and have 10 seconds to 10 minutes space to fill on the recorder.

We provide the cable and the various ways of recording by microphone onto the 4track.

Once the master tape is full, a mix will be made on a blank cassette, or on one of my cassettes full of Neue Türkische Kunst. Participating artists can keep this cassette. These cassettes are a release by Blind Tapes.

Everyone can come. Just walk in. I don’t expect long waiting lines.

An extended version of Blind Tape Quartets will be presented as a kind of workshop /demostration on the Tales for Tapes evening on 3. August at Altes Finanzamt.


On 28, 29 or 30 July you can come and join the Blind Tape Quartet.

A four track to record 10 seconds up to 10 minutes of your sounds will be waiting for you in the basement of Staalplaat store.

Cables and microphones and blank cassettes are provided for.

Record as you come, no registration or reservation needed.

28-30 July, 18.00 – 20.00 hr

Blind Tape Quartets



Flughafenstrasse 38

U8 Boddinstrasse/ U7 Rathaus Neukölln


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