18. September – Take the Money and Run

Staalplaat, invited by one of the curators at the Volksbühne, would set up a series of shows at der Rote Salon in the season 2010-2011. The Volksbühne Board of Directors, if there is any, inspired by the dramatic changes in Banana Republics all over the world, decided to stop our series. There are still two evenings left.

This man is Isaac Bashevis Singer, one of the greatest writers of last century.

And this picture shows the entrance to der Rote Salon, kind of..

Radboud Mens and John Grzinich are the two actors this evening, saturday 18. Come at 21.00 to see how a room of pluche and purist dreams will come alive by sounds as old as Pythagoras.

Both will use strings. Strings as in guitar strings and not as in lady’s pants. If you want to dream about that, you have to come after 24.00 when der Rote Salon opens its doors to Disco Rostock.

Mr. Mens and Mr. Grznich will not play a guitar as rock stars do. But…Who knows?

Yes, indeed who knows. Radboud Mens will play three guitars at the same time, without touching them. John Grzinich will play a very long string which is connected from side to side. Both, Mr. Mens and Mr. Grzinich will make the room sing. They are open to questions after the shows.

This evening is listed on the website of the volksbühne.

18. September, 21.00 -23.00

Rote Salon

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Linienstraße 227

Radboud Mens

John Grzinich

DJ Pato

For Descriptions and Links to Radboud Mens and John Grzinich see entries below. DJ Pato is world famous in Berlin, and needs no further introduction

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