15 November: Peter Cusack – Lloyd Dunn – DJ Pato

The last evening at the Rote Salon for us. This edition we have invited Peter Cusack and Lloyd Dunn, two sound artists who are firmly rooted in the last century, and both have arrived at the use of field recordings in a very special way. While Lloyd Dunn’s method is one of collage and carefully composing, (listen to his fantastic filecasts on Nula) Peter Cusack combines the act of story telling with his recordings.

Bibi-Heybat Oilfields, near Baku, Azerbaijan. Photograph, Peter Cusack

DJ Pato, our resident DJ, is world famous in Berlin. Just lean back and listen, or keep on talking. You will be surprised, and delighted.

Monday 15 November, 21.00 hours

Peter Cusack (lecture/concert)

Lloyd Dunn (audio/visual)

DJ Pato


Rote Salon/Volksbühne (at the front go left of building and enter)

U2 Rosa Luxemburg Platz

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