Radio Staalplaat

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Listen to Radio Staalplaat following these links.

Staalplaat ~ ((Radio)) s started early 1983 at the notorious Amsterdam radio pirate radio god.

The program stopped late 1999 when all pirates were killed by selling of FM frequencies commercially.
It resurrected on the internet station

Radio Staalplaat broadcasts every week

presenting live

a selection of talented sound pioneers, sound mixes,  initiatives or new releases.

Each Thursday from 11.00 PM (CET+1) untill 01.00 AM (cet+1) on DFM

Each First Thursday of the Month live from O Tannenbaum (still on


All (archived) programmes and interviews were conducted by Radio On‘s Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek.

14 thoughts on “Radio Staalplaat

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